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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Article Archive!
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The Irony of Bartolo Colon
Much to Asher's chagin, Bartolo Colon won the 2005 AL Cy Young after Asher didn't pick him to win it for the first time since 2002. However, there is irony in the selection of Colon this year, which Asher expounds on.

Giants, Angels - Meaningless Trade Game
In perhaps the most meaningless trade of the off-season so far, the Giants sent Edgardo Alfonzo to the Angels for Steve Finley.

2005 ALCS Preview
Get Keith's prediction on what will occur in the Chicago/Anaheim series.

2005 ALDS Preview 10/4/05
Keith previews the Chicago/Boston and Anaheim/New York series.

Asher Rambles On
In some kind of coke-induced episode, Asher begins with David Eckstein and the Angels, and ends somewhere far, far away.