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Assorted Team Notes for 2005 12/07/05
Itís amazing, the things you can notice just by browsing the Baseball Evolution Standings Page. You'll find two astonishing facts about the 2005 Diamondbacks, for instance.

Splitsville: 2005 Pitchers 11/30/05
Most people believe day/night splits to be baloney, and I used to be one of them. Most intelligent people believe one season of splits to be not enough of a sample size for relievers and, well, Iím still one of them. But, when you look at both the 2005 numbers and career numbers for certain relievers, their day/night splits look like, well, like day and night. Read on to learn what Jose Valverde can teach us about relievers' tendencies.

Asher's "In Case You Missed It" File July 2005
Various odds and ends from the summer of '05, including a "Who am I?" quiz that Diamondback fans ought to ace. In case you missed it, here's the article again.

Aging Veteran Pitchers
There is currently a healthy crop of aging veteran pitchers, many whom may be in their final year, and many of whom will end up in the Hall of Fame. REad about where Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling place amongst these great elder pitchers.

What Were They Thinking? January 14, 2005
Offseason moves that make Asher scratch his head. #4: The Diamondbacks sign Russ Ortiz. Let Asher explain what was wrong with this move.

The Bagwell Conspiracy
Jeff Bagwell used steroids, and stands at the center of the baseball world as the steroid ring leader, the root of all steroid usage in the league. In fact, all major league steroid use can be traced directly to the Houston Astros first baseman. Read about what he did for the careers of Steve Finley and Luis Gonzalez in the revelation of Bagwell's Conspiracy.

Keith's Diamondback Coverage
Read Keith's coverage of the D'Backs over at, which includes Prospect Profiles, Interviews, Trade Analyses, and more.