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Oakland Athletics Article Archive!
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Top Ten Players to End It in Oakland
Think Frank is the best player ever to join the A's at the end of his career? Not Even Close.

Five Picks for AL MVP 11/13/05
Remember April? May? The Athletics were bad. BAD. All the Beane haters looked at the A's problems and thought that the Moneyball era was finally over. Enter Huston Street.

The Beane Watch Continues
On July 9, 2005, we have a look at a player Billy Beane cut loose and a player he picked up, and see how they compare as the Beane watch continues.

Rollie's Follies 6/19/05
Over on The Sports Farm, Scott and Keith got into a debate about relievers and the Hall of Fame. So which relievers are deserving of the Hall? Keith answers that while providing a list of better relievers than Fingers.

Moneyball Draft; Moneyball Daft 5/7/05
Some of the tenets of Moneyball have not stood the test of time.

Another Beane-er, er, Boner in Oakland
The acquisition of Jason Kendall seems destined to be the next underrated blunder on the part of Oakland GM Billy Beane. Maybe he knows something we don't. But Asher thinks this is just another Boner in Oakland.

Baseball Evolution's 2004 Rookie of the Year
The Baseball Evolution correctly picked Oakland's Bobby Crosby as the 2004 Rookie of the Year.

The 55th Annual Dave Kingman Award
Asher examines te candidates, and waxes poetic about the legend himself, Dave Kingman.

Grove vs. Grover
A statistical comparison between two of the greatest pitchers ever.