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Atlanta Braves Article Archive!
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Pray for Rain? Are You Insane? 2/11/05
Were Spahn and Sain really the only quality pitchers on the post-WWII Boston Braves?

A Look Ahead to 2006 - Andruw Jones
We all know that Andruw Jones hit 51 homeruns in 2005, 22 more than the previous season. But did Jones really transform as a player? See what Asher thinks.

Year in Review - Top Ten Stories of 2005
As the new year approaches, let's take the time to reflect on the 2005 season, which turned out to be significant on many levels. Find out what events made Asher's Top 10 Stories of 2005.

2005 Manager of the Year Analysis
Keith's analysis reveals that the 2005 National League Manager of the Year may have been well earned by Atlanta's Bobby Cox, but someone else may have been more deserving.

What Kind of Player Makes a Good Manager? 10/13/05
Play Asher's Who Am I?, a game involving baseball managers.

2005 NLDS Preview 10/5/05
While Keith isn't positive about who will take this series, he does know that if the Braves prevail, that they're going all the way.

Aging Veteran Pitchers
Asher analyzes the career achievements of Tom Glavine and John Smoltz, among other aging veteran pitchers.

40 Current Players Bound for the Hall 8/6/05
On his 25th Birthday, Keith is forced to temper some of the praise that Asher heaps on David Schoenfield for his article on current players bound for the hall.