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St. Louis Cardinals Article Archive!
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Year in Review - Top Ten Stories of 2005
As the new year approaches, let's take the time to reflect on the 2005 season, which turned out to be significant on many levels. Find out what events made Asher's Top 10 Stories of 2005.

Ponson May Pay Off If Duncan Can Work Magic
Though Keith is well aware of Sidney Ponson's dubious career stats, he sees reason for optimism regarding the Cardinals signing of the trouble pitcher, especially if Dave Duncan has his way.

Asher Skeptical About Ponson Acquisition
Would buying bargain basement Enron stock after its fall at the end of 2001 have been a good move? As it turned out, the answer was no, though the minimal risk with chance for reward might have made it worth it. The same can not be said of the Cardinals low risk, low return signing of Sideny Ponson.

Famous Post-Season Home Run Trivia Quiz
In light of Albert Pujols' big home run to bring the Cardinals back from the brink of elimination, we thought a quiz to test your knowledge of famous post-season home runs would be appropriate. These will be of varying difficulty. We give you the home run, you tell us the player.

Some Year-End Observations About Albert Pujols
In a previous article, it was asserted that Albert Pujols is one of the greatest young players of all time. Having recently finished his fifth year, his career average is firmly over .330, his career on base percentage is way over .400, and his career slugging 21 points over .600 he is off to a tremendous start. Let's look a little closer.

2005 NLCS Preview
Keith previews a rematch of the 2004 NLCS in his 2005 NLCS Preview.

One Fluke Over The Redbirds' Nest 1/31/05
What do Babe Herman and Bob Gibson have in common? Keith fills you in.

Keith's 2004 World Series Preview
Probably the most exciting LCS in at least five years leads to high expectations for the 2004 World Series. On the surface, it appears that the Cardinals have had the more impressive regular season, while the pioneer Boston Red Sox have made a bigger splash in the postseason. However, for a deeper analysis, here is a positional comparison of the two teams.

Cubs Poised for Strong 2nd Half 7/12/04
Keith predicts that the Cardinals will fall back to Earth during the second half of 2004.