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Overpaying for Pitching Part II 12/05
Keith throws shame on all of the teams who have overpaid aging pitchers this offseason. What team receives the biggest finger wag? Find out.

2005 Team Preview: Colorado Rockies
Finding hitters to succeed at high altitudes is easy; finding Jeff Francis was hard. Here’s a pitcher who dominated every level of the Minor Leagues, and did not experience any setbacks at AAA Colorado Springs. The Rockies are finally developing some exciting young players, and they are being given every chance to prove themselves. Hear Keith expand on why this franchise may finally be heading in the right direction.

The Ten Silliest Things Written by Asher on

Asher B. Chancey is generally very knowledgeable about baseball. But every so often he says or writes something that makes Keith question his sanity. Among the top 10 that are documented on this site are two instaces of Coors Field misconceptions.

The Fountain of Coors 1/4/05
There is a magical drink that enhances performance somewhere in Colorado. No, I'm not saying that thin air and large outfield pastures aren't involved in the offensive explosions we see in games played in Colorado. I am postulating that there must be some reason that mediocre players go to Colorado and establish themselves as bigger offensive threats after they leave. I refer, of course, to The Fountain of Coors.