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Chicago Cubs Article Archive!
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The Confusing Issue of Ryne, Ron, Babe, Billy, Stan, and Hack
Asher takes a look at a little Chicago Cubs history in Similar Names, Similar Stats, Similar Snubs.

The Cubs New Outfield - Question Marks
Jacques Jones certainly helps the Cubs defensively, but whether the Cubs are improved by a move which brings another under achieving power-speed but low-average-low-OPS outfielder remains to be seen. The new Cubs Outfield provides several question marks which will probably only be answered in Spring Training.

Trade Analysis: Latroy Hawkins for Jerome Williams and David Aardsma 5/28/05
For decades, the Cubs organization had been loath to give its homegrown talent reasonable chances to make it on the big league squad. Even now, when the farm system is as bright as it has ever been, there is major hesitation regarding calling up a prospect and using him in a starting role. Read the complete analysis.

It's Todd Time 7/24/05
Mark Grudzielanek's reign as the Cubs everyday second baseman should end, and here's why.

The Influence of Grady Little on the Cubs
Daily Report: Grady Little's effect on the Cubs was evident this day as the 2004 Cubs looked quite a bit like the 2003 Red Sox.

Dusty and Grady
The FBI was kind enough to share the following tape recorded conversation between unindicted co-conspirators Grady Little and Dusty Baker.

Keith's Conversation with Dusty Baker
On April 26th of 2004, Asher published a taped conversation between Cub manager Dusty Baker and his bench coach, Grady Little, using his contacts with the FBI. Keith thought something was suspicious about the tape, and called Dusty to set the record straight.

Science Project: Is Baker Better? 11/12/03
Keith enters the 2003 Science Fair under the hypothesis that Dusty Baker is overrated.

Aggressive Versus Foolish 5/25/03
A Cubs baserunning decision boggles Keith's brain. Dusty Baker made a clear-cut mistake that could have cost the Cubs a win.

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