Kansas City Royals Archive
Overpaying for Pitching Part II 12/19/05
General Managers across the league are making a fatal error: they are only looking at the last line of statistics on these pitchers’ baseball cards, and therefore overpaying for pitching. Note the date: the Royals hadn't even signed Elarton yet.

Assorted Team Notes for 2005 12/7/05
The Royals are really bad. Read about just how bad they really are.

Pitchers That Make You Go ‘Hmmm…’
Dennis Leonard, among other pitchers, got snubbed for the 1977 AL Cy Young Award thanks to a damn Yankee.

Another Beaner In Oakland?
The Royals aren't the only ones to give up Jermaine Dye for nothing.

Top 10 Rookie of the Year Busts of All-Time 11/04
Can you believe that there were nine bigger flameouts than Bob Hamelin?