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San Diego Padres Article Archive!
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2005 NLDS Preview 10/2/05
This is the most lopsided Divisional Series matchup of all-time. Not only are the teams 18 games apart in the W/L column, but they should be even further apart. San Diego projects to a 75-win team using Pythagoras, and they were three games under .500 outside of the pathetic NL West. These Padres are the worst team to enter the postseason since... well, perhaps ever. So what hope does this floundering team have against what has been the best team in baseball over the past two seasons?

San Diego Padres on July 29, 2005
You were in first place in the worst division in baseball. The team on your tail is 4 games under .500. You were about to start a three game series against the Cincinnati Reds. In the last game of the series, you are going to face Eric "Home Run King" Milton. You have a player in Phil Nevin that people want to acquire via trade. Where did the Padres go wrong?

The Legacy of Ken Caminiti
Every night it seemed Caminiti would make plays from the far side of the third baseline look routine, gunning out even the fastest runners with the cannon attached to his right shoulder. Caminiti was exciting. Read the rest of his eulogy.

The Bagwell Conspiracy
Jeff Bagwell stands at the center of the baseball world as the steroid ring leader, the root of all steroid usage in the league. In fact, all major league steroid use can be traced directly to the Houston Astros first baseman. Read about the implications for Steve Finley and Ken Caminiti's breakout seasons in San Diego.