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Year in Review - Top Ten Stories of 2005
As the new year approaches, let's take the time to reflect on the 2005 season, which turned out to be significant on many levels. Find out what events made Asher's Top 10 Stories of 2005.

Keith's Second Half 2005 Prediction for the Pirates 7/11/05
So far in 2005, the Pirates have had an up-and down season. They had two stretches of winning 9 of 12 games, but also three stretches of losing five in a row. Jason Bay has managed to avoid a sophomore slump to say the least, but Oliver Perez has gone from the most exciting young pitcher in the NL to the main reason that the Buccos have a losing record.
Here are the top five reasons that the Pirates will still finish the season at .500.

Unable to Evaluate Closers 5/18/05
Jose Mesa, who had a WHIP of 1.41 last year, is being praised for converting 23 save chances in a row dating back to last year. It's no wonder that this is Baseball Evolution's Bonehead Sports Article of the month for May of 2005.

Another Beaner In Oakland?
Asher considers the ramifications of the deal that sent Jason Kendall to Oakland.

The Bigfield Universe 1/12/05
Many people from our universe would be shocked to learn just how easy it could have been for the Pirates to have finished over .500 last season... with the best pitching staff in baseball.
Enter the Bigfield Universe.

Cy Young and the Clarke Conspiracy 3/29/04
So when Scott first showed me his Top 100 list, he told me that a player had to play more than half of his career in the 20th century in order to qualify for the list. Naturally, it didn't take long for me to point out that Cy Young did not meet this qualification, whilst a talented little outfielder named Fred Clarke, who did meet the qualification despite playing almost 800 games prior to 1900, got completely ignored for consideration on the list.
Uncover the conspiracy.