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Boston Red Sox Article Archive!
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Two Boneheads for the Price of One
The debate surrounding the AL MVP has the tendency to bring out the most boneheaded comments from various commentators.

Thankful for November Trades 11/23/05
Asher examines a feast of November deals, including the one that brought Josh Beckett to Boston.

2005 ALDS Preview 10/4/05
Who could have predicted that Boston would be swept? Keith did.

Is Nomar a HoFer?
Asher's response to an email from a fan asking whether Nomar was, at this point, a lock for the Hall of Fame.

Just Give Him the Damn Ball
Doug Mientkiewicz caught the ball, the last out was recorded, and the rest is history. Except, what happened next is very much part of the present as there is now a struggle over who should have the ball.

Keith's 2004 World Series Preview
Probably the most exciting LCS in at least five years leads to high expectations for the 2004 World Series. On the surface, it appears that the Cardinals have had the more impressive regular season, while the pioneer Boston Red Sox have made a bigger splash in the postseason. However, for a deeper analysis, here is a positional comparison of the two teams.

Grove vs. Grover
A side-by-side statistical comparison between two og the greatest pitchers ever.

Cy Young and the Clarke Conspiracy 3/29/04
So when Scott first showed me his Top 100 list, he told me that a player had to play more than half of his career in the 20th century in order to qualify for the list. Naturally, it didn't take long for me to point out that Cy Young did not meet this qualification, whilst a talented little outfielder named Fred Clarke, who did meet the qualification despite playing almost 800 games prior to 1900, got completely ignored for consideration on the list. Uncover the conspiracy.