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Minnesota Twins Article Archive!
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Splitsville: 2005 Batters 1/9/06
Brewers, Blue Jays, Phillies, Rangers, and Mets fans: see how a careful analysis of split statistics elucidates your team's offseason moves.

2005 Team Notes 12/7/05
Interesting statistical notes on a dozen teams, including the Milwaukee Brewers.

Rollie's Follies 6/19/05
Over on The Sports Farm, Scott and Keith got into a debate about relievers and the Hall of Fame. So which relievers are deserving of the Hall? Keith answers that while providing a list of better relievers than Fingers.

Unable to Evaluate Closers 5/18/05
During the course of very few sentences, AP writer Alan Robinson criticizes Trevor Hoffman, praises Jose Mesa, and labels Danny Kolb a 'star reliever.' An overrated Brewers closer... where have we seen that before? Admonish May's Bonehead Sports Analyst.

Top 10 Rookie of the Year Busts of All-Time 11/04
Listach was an incredibly exciting player as a rookie. 54 steals, 93 runs scored; truly a sparkplug at the top of the Brewers lineup that featured Robin Yount, Paul Molitor, Greg Vaughn, and Dante Bichette. It would be the last Brewers team to feature Molitor and Yount together, and Listach may have taken it personally. Of course, he also had many health issues, and despite his speed had no knack for getting on base. He was out of baseball before 30.
Read about more rookie flameouts.

Some Things You May Have Missed 10/04
Ben Sheets finished with a 12-14 record for the Brewers despite finishing fourth in the Majors with a 2.70 ERA, while Bartolo Colon of the Angels finished fourth in the Majors with 18 wins despite his 5.02 ERA.